Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now ready to embark on the planning of your special day and choosing the right location is key.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose a beach wedding in Costa Rica:

1. A Costa Rica beach wedding is unique.

When you decide on a beach wedding in Costa Rica, you’re setting out on an adventure.  You’re a couple that stands out for leaving their comfort zone to explore a different country using a venue that is both exotic and romantic.

Forget about your traditional cookie-cutter wedding.  With a beach wedding in Costa Rica  you walk down a white sand aisle, say your vows under the golden sunset sky and toast champagne with the ocean as your backdrop.  It’s special, different and oh so magical!

2. The location is gorgeous, which goes a long way.

A beach wedding in Costa Rica will not require much embellishment because it naturally offers so much beauty.  Don’t worry about impressive decor or creating the perfect ambiance.  No matter how fancily adorned a banquet hall is, it’s incomparable to the effortless charm of a beach in Costa Rica.

3.  With a setting like that, imagine the photos!

Your Costa Rica wedding photographer will probably suggest a session right at sundown.  Nothing can match the natural golden light achieved during a sunset beach photo shoot.  The uniqueness and magic of a Costa Rica beach wedding will shine through images of the bride and groom splashing barefoot along the shoreline, guests smiling under the palm trees and a gleaming sunset in the background.

4.  Vacation or honeymoon included.

When opting for a destination beach wedding in Costa Rica, you’re also choosing the idyllic vacation spot.  You already made the journey, so why not extend your stay a few more days and enjoy the incredible surroundings and fun activities?  It’s a wonderful way to jump straight into your honeymoon without having to get on another flight.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a wedding that is unique, awe inspiring and set in the perfect vacation spot, a Costa Rica beach wedding is right for you!