Ben and Rachael’s love for new experiences and hiking led them to choose a Costa Rica destination wedding.  In addition, they wanted to avoid the stress of planning a large traditional wedding at home: “We both just wanted to share a fun experience with the people we love most”.  They also knew the beach would appeal to everyone.

When searching for some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, Ben and Rachael came across Tamarindo.  Their wedding planner, Kristina, suggested Cala Luna point as their ceremony site.  Blown away by its beauty, they said yes immediately.

How they met

These two nurses from Kansas city met at the hospital where they worked.  “Conversation with someone had never come so easy to either of us and we would start and end each day talking to each other. He was my best friend and we fell in love quite fast.”

Ben bought Rachael her first pair of hiking boots and got her hooked.  They hiked 8 different national parks during their first year together.  Consequently, they even got engaged in Zion National park, Utah, just after a hike in the pouring rain.  How’s that for romantic?

Costa Rica destination wedding in Tamarindo

While in Tamarindo, the couple explored surrounding beaches, hiked  Rincon de la Vieja National park and ate at a different restaurant every day.  They enjoyed every minute of it: “The people are seriously the nicest, the weather couldn’t have been better, and the whole country is absolutely beautiful.”

The Costa Rica Wedding Team

On their big day, Ben and Rachael were taken care of by the best.  Kristina, their wedding planner from Perennial Weddings, kept the couple up to date and at ease: “Kristina made us feel important, heard and made sure we had the wedding of our dreams.”

Kristina put together an amazing team of vendors that delivered their best.  Among them was Sunset Catering, accommodating last minute requests and serving exquisite cuisine.  Then there was Rachael’s stylist, Diego, who gave her the look she had envisioned.  Finally, the talented Costa Rica Cinematography team worked hard to create a spectacular video cut.

As their photographer, I have to say that shooting for Ben and Rachael was delightful.  They trusted me and were at ease in front of the camera.  Also, we coordinated the day to use the perfect light.  In turn, the pictures were beautiful and they loved the end product: “It was easy to trust her and so glad that we did! As a result we have stunning pictures for the rest of our lives.”