Here are the top 5 reasons I believe an engagement photo shoot is so important.  If you’re considering a Costa Rica engagement photography session, I highly recommend it!  It can be a very personal, fun and relaxed experience that will  prepare you for a seamless wedding day.

  1.  You meet the photographer.

You’re meeting the person that will be behind the camera during the most special moments of your big day.  Some of these moments will be intimate and emotional, like the bride slipping into her dress with help of her mother, or the groom sharing a joke with his best man.  Therefore, think of your Costa Rica engagement photography session as an ice breaker.  Meeting in person without the pressure of a wedding day timeline will give everyone an opportunity to get comfortable, communicate any questions or concerns and build a trusting relationship.  This trust will set you at ease on the day of your wedding.

2.  It’s personal and fun.

As mentioned, when you remove the pressure of the wedding day and all that it entails, there’s space for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.  This is all about you and your partner, so get playful and have fun!

3. Images you can use.

The result of your engagement shoot will be a stock of great images you can use to promote your big day.  You’ll have no shortage of material for “save the date” cards, your wedding website and social media.

4. The future bride can test some looks out.

An engagement session is a great time to give hair and makeup a test run.  The bride can experiment with a few looks to see how they hold up against the elements.  Additionally, the photographer gains better perspective of the bride’s style and how her look photographs out in the open.

5. The wedding day will be a breeze.

Unless you’re a model or celebrity, being in front of the camera doesn’t always come naturally.  However, couples that had an engagement session will feel far more confident on their wedding day.  The relationship you’ve built with the photographer along with the experience you gained during your Costa Rica engagement photography session will translate into a smooth wedding shoot.