A heartfelt beachfront ceremony, a beautiful couple and a quiet afternoon at the beach were the perfect combination to create Heather and Justin’s wedding day memories.

1 hour before the ceremony, it was pouring rain at Westin , stormy kind of rain.  Heather knew she wanted to get married outside and even though we had a Plan B for their ceremony, she asked that we waited until last minute to see if the storm would pass.  Well, suddenly, out of nowhere the rain stopped and between nerves and hopes that it didn’t start again, we went to the beach as planned and the ceremony was able to move forward as Heather had envisioned it.

Such a memorable ceremony, between tears and laughter Heather and Justin vowed their love for each other.

As planned, we moved forward with their family photos, wedding party photos and their couple’s session at the beach. Right by the end of sunset a comforting sensation fulfilled us all. We had been able to create timeless memories for Heather and Justin to cherish.


Planner: Heidy Quesada

Venue: Westin Resort, Playa Langosta

Decoration: Art Flower