Few things are as romantic as marrying your high-school sweetheart.  And, Brie and Blake’s story is definitely one for the books.  The Texan couple met during the summer of Brie’s sophomore year.  Although it took her a while to warm up to him, Blake’s kindness and persistence paid off.  Their high-school romance blossomed into an 8 year relationship and an exceptionally romantic engagement.  Blake knew that Brie’s wanderlust called for an unforgettable proposal.  Hence, while visiting London, he asked for her hand as they crossed the Tower Bridge one evening.  “It was truly everything I could have ever envisioned,” recalls Brie, “it was just the two of us and beyond romantic with the beautiful lights of London all around us.”

Their Costa Rica Wedding in Playa Conchal

Brie was initially drawn to Italy when imagining her dream wedding.  However, the logistics of  flight time and costs did not seem feasible for her guests.  So, she went to her mom for advice and they both concluded that Costa Rica would be ideal.  The two had visited the country before and loved it. Luckily, Blake and his family were on board with the plan.

While researching wedding planners, Brie discovered Barbara from Four-Nineteen Weddings.  Barbara’s prompt and helpful guidance ensured Brie that she had chosen the perfect wedding planner.  After attentively listening to the couple’s needs and vision, Barbara referred them to the Westin Golf Resort in Playa Conchal.

Choosing to have a Costa Rica wedding in Playa Conchal exceeded all expectations.  The venue offers a selection of beautiful ceremony and reception sites, including a majestic Banyan tree that Brie fell in love with for her own ceremony site.  When Brie relayed her experience my heart filled with joy:

“I took Barbara’s recommendations on everything, and she did not disappoint. From the Photographer (Sylvia Guardia Photography) , Videographer (Alejandro from Costa Rica Cinematography), Make-up artist (Maravilla Make-Up), Hairstylist (Famous Points Beauty), Floral (Stylos & Flores), and even activities to do with our friends and family she has the perfect person for anything you need! Everything for our wedding went smoothly from my side of things. I loved every detail of our wedding and I wouldn’t change a thing.”



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