When John and Heather met, they had an instant connection.  This adventurous couple from South Dakota spent their first two years in a long distance relationship.  When they decided to move in together, the two wanted a warmer location away from the harsh Midwest winters.  So, they threw a dart at a map to choose their new home! It landed in Florida and they’ve been enjoying Tampa for the last 4 years.  Thus, it’s no surprise that this free spirited duo would opt for a destination wedding in an exotic, warm location like Costa Rica.

Destination Wedding in Papagayo: Let the adventure begin!

Heather and John chose to have a destination wedding in Costa Rica not only because it was on their bucket list of places to travel, but because it was conveniently close for their guests to attend.

The wedding took place at the Hotel Occidental Papagayo surrounded by 40 of their closest family and friends.  Heather described it as “everything we could have wanted and more”.  However, the two thrill seekers did not stop there.  The real adventure began when they continued exploring the country for 8 more days to celebrate their honeymoon, which included activities such as jumping off a 25ft waterfall and sleeping in a cave!

Heather and John’s spontaneity made shooting for them a blast! The day after the wedding, the three of us traveled to a secluded beach by boat for a “trash the dress” session.  Everything, from the journey by boat to exploring hidden caves and frolicking in the ocean, made it an unforgettable experience.  Above all, I loved connecting with the couple at a personal level in an environment where I could capture the essence of their bond.

Boat courtesy of El Coco Tours 

Hair & Makeup by Nadia Cambronero