Luke and James’ story began, as they said,  like “all great love stories do…in a club”.  This oh so charming couple from Chicago may have met in a loud and crowded disco,  but their connection ran deep.  As fate would have it, they ran in to each other two weeks later in Vegas.  They met up again a week later and eventually decided never to part ways.  “There was an unspoken moment when we both knew that things would never be the same. The point of no return. We were falling in love with each other.

James proposed to Luke while they were in Costa Rica.  Consequently, they decided to plan for a Tamarindo wedding.  “Tamarindo is paradise. The beaches are beautiful, the food is great, and the people are amazing. We will be going back for our one year anniversary this thanksgiving and we can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Their Tamarindo Wedding

The couple stayed at Casa Bali with most of their wedding party.  They wanted to make their celebration an experience more than just a one day event.  So, they rented the house for an entire week, describing their time in Tamarindo as “absolutely amazing”.  The highlights included a catamaran tour with over 50 of their family and friends.  Also, they feasted in Pangas beach club for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a wonderful fire show.

The big day

James and Luke were nervous because the forecast said rain and clouds.  However, there was not a cloud in the sky on their big day.  “The wedding day was out of a story book”. Kristina Ullrich, their Tamarindo wedding planner, “deserves an academy award for the show she helped put on this entire day.”

The wedding was enchanting, from carnival flamingo dancers after the ceremony to fireworks at the end of the night.  “Yes, we are a bit over the top but it has always been a dream of mine to have fireworks at my wedding.    The evening was hard to explain and you really had to be there to experience the magic.”.

They raved about the great food and service delivered by Pangas: “The staff brought a lot of joy and smiles to our guests faces.  I still get compliments on how amazing that staff was. “.

Photographing James and Luke was an honor to say the least.  Reproducing the memories of a day charged with so much love is why I’m passionate about my work.  Plus, the wedding’s extravagance resulted in the most captivating images.  I’m really looking forward to seeing them again!



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