The wide range of cameras and new technology available these days tends to veer us from the classic techniques.  However, traditional approaches have always been a draw for me.  Silhouette wedding photography in particular.

Silhouette wedding photography in Costa Rica

I love the dramatic, mysterious and emotional atmosphere conveyed in silhouette photography.  The dark contour of the subject against a lighter background leaves some space for imagination.  Thus, the image tells a story that the viewer can interpret, like art.

A key element to the perfect silhouetted image is a striking lit background.  And, as luck would have it, Costa Rica has the most magnificent sunsets!  These sunsets are one of the main reasons why I am so attracted to this particular style.  My clients simply pose against this fiery light source and the results stun me every single time.

The captivating sunset backdrop clearly defines the subject’s contour.  This is another reason why I love this style.  It connects me to the rooted techniques of classic photography; relying on shutter-speed, no flash and the raw natural elements.


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